DIY Embroidered Wooden Box

Hi there! Nik here from WastingThyme, I’ve been embroidering for over five years but only recently have I really been trying to think out of the box (or on the box in this case) and try embroidering on non-traditional surfaces. This super fun project is easier than it looks and comes together in no time! Let me show you how it’s done.


-Wooden box (I used the large in this set from PaperMart)

-Scissors (we love these classic embroidery scissors)

-Embroidery floss (this is a great inexpensive multi-color pack)

-Embroidery or thin tapestry needle (like these)


-Ruler, I used a small sewing gauge

-Power drill with small drill bit, 5/64 or 1/16 (this one is awesome)


1. To create this starburst effect I started by marking my dots in the middle and moving outwards. You only need to mark where you will be drilling your holes, use the ruler as a guide and make a small dot with your pencil at both ends of the box. Since I was using the sewing gauge I used the width (about a 1/2 inch) of that as my spaces between the dots along the outer part of the box. Keep the ruler at an angle as you go.

2. Slowly and gently drill where you’ve made your marks. Brush away or blow off any dust this might create.

3. Thread your needle with the full six-ply embroidery floss, tie a double knot at one end so the floss stays put. You can also use tape on the underside of the box to keep the floss in place but I prefer the knots for a cleaner finished look. Since I had already planned on a rainbow color combo I mapped out which holes I would use what color embroidery floss on (you can use however many or few colors you’d like!). Start on the underside of the box, bring your needle up through the first hole (I started with the ones closer together and worked my way out) and gently pull until the knot hits the inside of the box. Put the needle through the corresponding hole on the other side.

4. To tie it off I separated the six strand embroidery floss into three strands each and tied them together in a double knot, you can also tape them down. Finish stitching and tying off (or taping down) until you’ve got all the holes covered.

And you’re done! Pretty simple right? This would be a great gift idea or you could use it to hold a gift as well. The possibilities are endless and who doesn’t need a super cute box to brighten up any space in their home? Enjoy!

DIY Paper Flower Wedding Arch

Last fall, I was hired to decorate and set up a small private wedding in Los Angeles. The bride was a fan of the big paper flowers that I had at my wedding and wanted something similar, except she wanted an arch with them. The arch was to be the main focus for the wedding as the ceremony was to happen there.

I’d never made an arch before but with a trial day the week before to play around with materials and construction, we were able to pull it off wonderfully and the bride was super happy!

Here are the directions and materials to make your own for a wedding, party or any celebration.

What to get:

– Three 7 foot wooden dowels, 1”-1 ¼” in diameter
– Two 10 quart galvanized pails
– Two 2″ pieces of plastic piping in a diameter slightly larger than the wooden dowel size (the wooden dowel must fit into the plastic pipe)
– Bag of zip ties
– Floral wire
– One bag of quickset concrete
– Jig or hand saw
– Decorative items: ribbons, paper flowers, moss, items that you would like to hang on the arch.
– Tape
– Water

What to do:

  1. Cut the dowels with your saw to your desired height and width. I made the height 6.5” with a 4.5” width. It really just depends on what you are using the arch for and how tall the people are who are using it.
  2. Cut the plastic pipe with the saw so that it sticks out a few inches above the galvanized bucket. Make sure that the dowel fits in the plastic pipe before you leave the hardware store, you want it pretty snug so the dowel doesn’t move all over the place. If there is some wiggle room, use a small piece of wood or cardboard to wedge the dowel into the pipe.
  3. Place the pipe in the center of the bucket and tape it down so it doesn’t fall. Divide the quickset concrete evenly between both buckets. Add water per the instructions and mix in the bucket while holding the pipe in place so it doesn’t move. Let it dry overnight.
  4. When you are ready to decorate the arch, place the dowels in the pipes (secure dowels with wood/cardboard pieces) and attach the cross dowel (top) and secure with multiple zip ties. I like to decorate the bottom with moss but you can use colored tissue paper, paper flowers… Anything that connects to the theme of the rest of the arch.