The Genre Of Book You Need To Be Reading, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

Are you an ESTP or an INFJ? A sensitive loner or the life of the party? An “architect” or a “campaigner”? If you don’t know what a Myers-Briggs type is, think astrology for people who don’t believe in astrology. But without the fish-goat monsters. It’s a personality quiz based on Jungian psychology, and, like all things of value in this world, it tells you who to date, where to work, and, most importantly, what to read. Here’s the one book genre to read for your Myers-Briggs personality type, because those four letters might know more about you than you do.

Myers-Briggs uses four different sliding scales to determine your fate: the “I” or “E” stands for “introvert” or “extrovert,” which is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve been to the internet before. But there’s also “N” or “S” for “intuiting” or “sensing,” which describes whether you intuit information internally or observe it externally. Then there’s “T’ or “F” for “thinking” or “feeling,” which determines whether you’re naturally logical or naturally emotional. Finally, there’s “P” or “J” for “perceiving” or “judging,” which means you’re either a go with the flow improviser or a highly organized decision-maker.

There’s no right or wrong personality type when it comes to Myers-Briggs, but your own combo of letters just might help you unlock a new favorite genre:

INFP: Magical Realism

INFPs are a kind, idealistic, poetic sort of folk. Known as the “Mediator” of the bunch, they’re always looking for the best in people. They’re great at defusing a crisis or picking out a pet name. An imaginative INFP might like to curl up with a big book of poetry or a work of magical realism, to inspire their own highly creative mind.

ENFP: Short Stories

The enthusiastic ENFP is always on the go, always working towards something, and always living it up as a free spirit. Known as the “Campaigner,” the sociable ENFP will love a good collection of funny essays or satirical short stories (especially since they can read one and then bound off to the next adventure).

INTP: Science Fiction

An innovative inventor, INTPs are the “Logicians” of the group. They love to learn, to search for patterns, and to stretch their formidable intellect. Just because they’re logical doesn’t mean they’re not creative, though! Science fiction is perfect for the far-thinking INTP, especially if it’s sci-fi based on real science.

ENTP: Thrillers

ENTPs are “Debaters”: smart and savvy and always itching to prove their point. They might think that the thriller genre falls somewhere below their high intellectual level, but a good psychological thriller will keep an ENTP turning pages all the way to the twist ending.

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