Tóth Vera fogyása, már csak az utolsó kilókkal küzd

Nem olyan rég posztolt egy előtte utána képet magáról Tóth Vera az Instagramon, ami szerint -41 kilónál járt. Ma ez a szám már -45 kiló, vagyis halad, de vajon meddig?

tóth vera fogyása
Tóth Vera a következőt írta a minap:
“A fogyás Istenéhez imádkozom közben, hogy csak azt az utolsó tíz kilót adja meg nekem az ég. Meglesz az!”

Te sem tudod mit ehetsz biztonsággal fogyókúra alatt? Töltsd le a 27 Diétás Étellistánkat!

Tóth Vera célja a -55 kiló

Nem kis teljesítmény már a -45 kiló se, de a -55 még nagyszerűbb lenne. Pár napja kiraktam egy szavazást a facebook oldalamra, hogy szerintetek sikerülni fog-e Tóth Verának végleg lefogyni, és a többség azon a véleményen van, hogy igen, sikerülni fog neki.

Mire lesz szüksége Verának az utolsó kilókhoz?

Nos, elvileg Verának gyomorgyűrűje van, ami miatt egyszerre csak kis mennyiséget tud enni. Ami a nagy súlynál előny is, de az utolsó kilóknál már nem lesz túl nagy segítség számára. Sőt Vera egy edzőgépet is reklámoz félig titokban, amitől pedig garantáltan nem fog egy kilót se leadni már az utolsó kilóiból. Ez azért lehet, mert nagyon nagyon sokat kellene ehhez edzeni, amit nem tudok elképzelni, hiszen legalább fél napokra lenne szükség. A legegyszerűbb és leghatékonyabb megoldás számára a kalóriaszámolás lesz, és ezt is ajánlottam neki. A kalóriaszámolással már kalóriára pontosan be tudja állítani, hogy mikor mennyit kell ennie, így fokozatosan és garantáltan tud haladni a célja felé.

Mellesleg a kalóriaszámolásról egy elég komplex tananyag található itt, amennyiben téged is érdekel.

Easy Halloween 2017 Costumes

Once again, ‘tis the season of crunchy leaves, haunted hayrides, and overstuffed candy aisles. Amid all the autumnal excitement, time flies by faster than a witch on a speedy broomstick, and some people (read: me, myself, and I) inevitably wind up scouring the internet for easy Halloween costumes they can throw together in the two hours before nightfall on Oct. 31. Then, with the clock’s countdown ticking louder every second, they end up grabbing the same tried-and-true costume hanging in the back of their closet and dashing out the door. Sound familiar?

If you’re tired of showing up to Halloween in the same increasingly-dingy ballerina costume while everyone else’s costumes get more fabulous with every passing year, it doesn’t have to be this way. I guarantee that anyone with a reasonably-sized closet has the materials to make a clever, easy costume right now. It might not be worthy of entrance to Heidi Klum’s famous Halloween bashes, but I’m going to be real here: None of us were going to get invited anyway. (Whatever — it’s Hollywood’s loss.)

But I digress. Getting into the spirit (pun obviously intended) of Halloween doesn’t mean you have to sew your costume by hand in a candlelit room. Some of the wittiest costumes are actually the simplest. Here are 22 simple, easy ways to dress up this Halloween.

Carmen San Diego

Every ’90s kid will swoon over the appearance of the ever-mysterious Carmen Sandiego this Halloween. I suggest organizing a game of hide-and-seek.

Rosie the Riveter

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a feminist icon for a night?

Dancing Pumpkin Meme

You already know and love the meme. Now it’s your turn to become it.

Wednesday Addams

Goth kids both former and current, your time has come. Put on your best sociopathic face and channel Wednesday Addams all Halloween.

Morticia Addams

If you’re not feeling the schoolgirl look, go for Wednesday’s mother: Morticia Addams. Better yet, grab someone to be your Gomez.

Being Fully Alive in the Summer

The sun right now – ugh, the morning summer sun. ♡ PLEASE NEVER LEAVE.

It’s streaming through the pines outside the windows and making the quiet morning lake glitter with just the right amount of natural bling just beyond that green line of trees. Dad is sipping a steaming coffee after his traditional early morning swim, Mom is planning some kind of elaborate and competitive family olympics, Bjork is deeply immersed in his 97th nonfiction book of the week (literally at this moment I can hear him explaining to my mom, “yeah, it’s called The Tax and Legal Playbook and it’s, yeah, no, it’s actually really good” as I am sitting here throwing up a little bit in my mouth), and my sister just called to say she’d be here later tonight just in time for the night games. There’s a cheapy page-turner of a mystery novel waiting for me on the cushy chaise lounge outside next to the picnic table, and the little green hammock hasn’t stopped swinging since the moment my brother hung it and popped inside yesterday. I just wrapped up a 10am breakfast of chocolate granola + mom’s banana bread complete with a green smoothie on the side just so my whole family can roll their eyes at me for being THAT sister.

We call this “Up North” – and it is simultaneously a place, a mindset, and a practice of getting away and going off-grid.

Almost every year when we get to the end of summer, I find myself eyeballs-deep in regret: WHY. HOW. NO NO NO. It’s already almost gone and I SHOULD HAVE TREATED MYSELF TO MORE SUMMER. Why didn’t I sit outside in the sun with every free second I had? Why didn’t I go swimming in lakes and binge-read mystery novels and eat grilled romaine with jalapeño ranch (current obsession) and dad’s pork chops and loaded peanut butter cup nice cream like it was my last day of life?

The cabin, aka a week in an old-turned-new northern Wisconsin lake house with my family, is the best method of Fully-Alive Summer Living I know and one of the only ways to get rid of end-of-summer regret.

If there ever were a time to get in the lake – not just look at it, we’re talking about actually jumping in the water – to read cheesy books that you might never want to tell anyone about (or fine, smart nonfiction, but WHO ARE YOU), to spend three days straight in the same grey tee-shirt, with no makeup and a summery little top knot to seal the deal, this would be the time.

I mentioned this end-of-summer regret concept, and my go-live-large-in-August sort of mantra in a post earlier this week, but it’s worth mentioning again (for my own sake and for yours):

Be good to your summer self. Especially all of you sweet friends, myself included, who live in a place where there is a big white winter just a few months around the bend.

Give yourself extra time, extra space, extra breathing room for the love of all things summer, including but not limited to juicy watermelon, sunsets, bike rides, and sand between your toes. Take a weekend mini-vacation. Or staycation – yes yes yes, do an easy and stress-free staycation. Jump in a lake. Meet someone for happy hour, sit outside, and then skip dinner in favor of post-HH ice cream just because you can. Take deep breaths and get enough sleep and drink in all the summer around you. It really is the most delicious.