Fabric Button Necklace

my new favorite use for the pieces that fill my perpetually full scrap bin is making covered buttons. but what happens when your covered button bin starts to rival your scrap fabric bin? there are only so many cardigans i can replace the buttons on. my new solution: fabric covered button jewelry and accessories. claudia and i got together and crafted some covered button jewelry–i made a necklace and she opted for a ring and some hairpins.

what to get:
fabric scraps
covered button kit-everything you need to make the buttons except for the fabric is in the kit.
jewelry findings (necklace chain & lobster clasp for necklace, hairpins, ring blank) *ring blanks like the one we used can be tricky to find but i’ve found some etsy sellers that have them needle, nose pliers, glue gun, thin metal wire and scissors

what to do:
step 1

1. use template on button kit to cut fabric scraps into correct circle size according to which size button you are making
2. center fabric over hollow side of white base and then push button front into the middle with the rounded side down
3. squish down sides of fabric then cover edges with button back and use blue tool to push button back into white base
4. push out button from white base. viola! you have your first covered button!
5. repeat steps 1-4 until you have made all your buttons
for hair clip and ring:
6. use pliers to pull out metal loop on back of button then use glue gun to attach to ring or hairclip
for necklace: *now here’s where things get tricky!
7. arrange buttons in a random pattern to create the ‘bib’ that will be on the front of your necklace
8. use wire to weave together the buttons by looping it

step 2
through button loop on back of each button. i wove the wire through each hole several times and back and forth in a random pattern between buttons so it would be tight.
1. use another piece of wire to attach a length of chain to one side of button bib
2. repeat step 7 for the other side of the necklace
3. attach lobster clasp
4. put on your new necklace and marvel at your craftiness!